Rich Wilson — Litchfield, Illinois

Rich Wilson of Litchfield, Illinois. Serial Cheater. He likes to get gals to fall in love with him. He is really charming and then he tells you he can never love you that he only loves his wife (who cheats on him the whole time they were married with his best friend and with a kid in his own house and he tells you your the stupid one and fat and he gets you to give him money and fun and then he dumps you as soon as he finds another fool. He uses everyone. He lives above his friend’s body shop in Canoga for cheap and he gets his mom to wash his clothes. He uses you for everything else. He cheats on you and tells you lies and takes your money and calls you names so that you feel like you are ugly and no man would want you. He lies and promises you things and then you find out he is cheap and doing it with some other girl. He criticizes you all the time. Calls you fat. I’m not fat. Calls you stupid. I run my own business. Tells you-you is crazy. I’m not crazy. He is also married and his wife calls the shots. She likes him to have a girlfriend because then she can play with Israeli her boy toys. They are both sick people who will play with your heart until it breaks.

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