Leonard James Turelli – Chicago, Illinois

What a piece of work this man is a mean evil man who’s name is Leonard James Truelli, This cheating a*s fool is married to me and we have been together for years and all I have done is take care of him. But it didn’t matter to him all this b*****d has done is lie and screw around on me I am, so mad at myself for trusting and dating this m**********r.

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  1. Did you know he had gay s*x with men before he met you? Back in his college years he did quite a bit of experimenting and frequented gay bars and parties. We never knew what to expect from LJ.

  2. Len is very fond of escorts and has been known to pick up prostitutes right off the street. The street whores are more risky and likely carry drug paraphernalia, but sometimes Len can’t resist dirty p***y and risks it all.

  3. This dog m*********r will shortchange yo a*s if he can pull it off and try to drive away whille you still counten the money. He like to pay in all ones and fives and always in a hurry to pull off.

  4. When Leo couldn’t keep it in his pants, most times, he went through rubbers like they were Kleenex and he had a cold. He’s better now, doesn’t need the tissues and still hates rubbers. He quit seeing whores for a minute, got more handy – wink 🙂

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