Kelsey Mohn – Chicago, Illinois

I feel the Chicagoland area needs to know about this floozy Kelsey Mohn, she moved to Chicago from Philadelphia because her mother made her move out since she refused to get a real job and only wanted to do coke and party 5 nights a week. This girl parties 4-5 nights a week and tries to find sugar daddies or ballers to help fund her pepsi addition and buy her daughter clothes, she tends to go to the bars in river north and word is she has DRD. She has a 10 year old son back in philly who lives with her mother since Kelsey was unfit to car for him. If you see this girl beware she is nothing but trouble.

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  1. She was dating that kicker for the Bears until he missed that field goal for the win over the Eagles. she dump his a*s quick! he was looking for support after the big double doink and she had already left the stadium with an equipment guy. Equipment guy can’t brag cause he knows she was just using him to fllee the park, but he still smiling today!

  2. Kelsey Mohn had brown hair when she lived in Philly. She got harrassed a lot for saying she was going to become vegan after getting sick eating a philly cheasesteak. She sttod in front of the restaurant with a sign and took a lot of verbal abuse for making her stand. The place is mom and pop and has a simple menu that goes back decades. the followers are diehard in their support and Kelsey couldn’t hang with the protest for long. She had many threats and had to leave town.

  3. We hooked up at an after-party downtown and rooted and tooted and blew the place down, then did it in the parking garage on the bumper of a truck. It was cold as s**t but this chick is wild. Kelsey let me snort a line of pepsi off her belly and then she did a tricky line where she tooted and sucked at the same time. Very Hot! My tongue went numb and hers to, we kissed and giggled and giggled and kissed and kept sayng to each other” I can’t feel anything’ and had a blast. I want to see her again as soon as my dude hooks me up with a g or more.

  4. That kid isnt hers she just used to babysit him for the neighbor when she lived with her mom for awhile. He used to joke and call her mom and say he wishes she was his mom because he never saw his own mom much when she work 2 jobs and take class’ at the community college. Soon as he find the right man she thinks she might like to have herself one or have one of each. She wants one who likes to party and can afford to party and is the life of the party and likes to throw partys. She loves to dance and watch all the guys chek her out.

  5. That b***h can make me moan if she wanted to, I let her call me daaddy long leg to if she wanted. I’m already friend of the Bears so we we got something common toget our friendship startd
    somebody send in more pictues of her and give her mye mail adress
    I want to meet her for moans and groans

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