Joseph Passarella — Chicago, Illinois

Joseph Passarella is crazy just a fare warning to all ladies, He will tell you he has no baggage but the truth is he has serious baggage he has many pages of traffic violations and a class 4 felony in 2 counties. He even sells and manufactures any and every kind of drugs and drugs that will kill you right on the spot so trust him at your own risk. All he can give a woman is lies and he will rip you off of everything you have and own, Even stuff you have had in your family a long time he doesn’t care. He claims to have money but has nothing to show for it nothing. All he loves to do is commit crimes and sleep. To all woman in the Chicagoland area and the woman where he lives in Bolingbrook area, this is a friendly warning if you date this man you will be kicking yourself in the a*s.

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  1. He didn’t make that synthetic heroin laced with fentanyl that killed all those young people. He was lacing the molly which was fake too, but that batch didn’t cause anyone to drop dead like that other s**t that was going around. Give him time, he might come up with some lethal s**t. We’re watching him, now.

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