Jim Selquist – Princeton, Illinois

this man is acomplete liar. i was involved with him for a year and a half and now to thinking back he never told the truth. he spent the entire summer with me mean while telling everyone who would listen that i was a stalker. he was on anti depressant medication and went off his meds without his doctors consent. i learned the hard way on just how deceitful he can be. i still have theemotional scares to prove it. he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. he doesn’t care who he hurts n the process. i don’t have a social life because i simply cannnot take the chance of being destroyed again the way he did me. everyone woman who thnks they know this man think again. even his ex-wife doesn’t know him as well as i do. i will not blame her for thinking the things about me that she does because all she knows is his lies. if at anytime someone wants the truth about him just ask me. i can back up everything i say with facts not fiction. he one time shut a car door on my hand to which i have to have surgery on and it will never be the same again. the only thing he is good at is playing the guitar other than that he is a total loser. please beware of him before you end up the same way i did.

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