Jennifer Clary — Springfield, Illinois

This is my married s**tty a*s sister who’s only been married for 6 months, she’s also f**king her married neighbor. She wasn’t raised to be a ho but she’s definitely one now. I think maybe I’ll let her husband know next week.

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  1. Her husband alredy knows, he the pimp. They a little short on the rent an the power bout to be cut off. She say her brother no count an wont hep her out none, she gots to help her man pay the bills. she dont want no free ride un less she riden her man d**k. She say her brother friend a punk a*s f****t and suck her brothers d**k. She say f**k both ya’ll in yo punk a***s.

  2. Jennifer Clary already knows guys like her to make eye contact when she’s sucking their c**k and she loves to please, so she does it every time. It almost works too good, they have their fun and she always wants more, she’s thinking about closing her eyes to see what happens.

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