Heather M. Rockwood — Du Bois, Illinois

Serial cheater, manipulative, liar, pretends to be a woman’s friend to go after her guy. She has cheated on guys she dated and got caught in bed red-handed. She goes after guys she just friends with relationships. She is insecure and needs an excessive amount of guys for her self esteem. She goes to bars in Dixon, IL and Whiteside county IL friends who talked to her in past said: “she has STDS”. She told a woman that was in an abusive relationship to “hang herself” and 3 years after work at a domestic violence community company. She didn’t belong to working there. She is a narcissistic personality disorder manipulative s**t talking b***h. She thinks she’s all that when in reality she is traded around like the piece a*s she is. Darlin, that’s what everyone saying about you. As well as your a gold digger. She uses every guy for his money then drops him for the next. She likes to eat raw fish claiming she’s not a lesbian. Whatever liar people saw her licking on the raw pu na na. She’s crazy psycho went after a guys relationship years ago. The guy didn’t even consider them friends. While Heather’s contacting him with lies to try to break up his relationship. She’s a drama attention w***e. Who laughs at women who were abused or played by guys in relationships She thinks it funny other women hurt. This s***k skips around bars in Dixon, IL and one time told a woman that Heather sleeps in her guy’s bed. While Heather is a married woman herself. She’s an annoying psycho lying she’s the faithful type that’s a s***k.

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