Fidel Rodriguez — Chicago, Illinois

Don’t mess with this guy. He is a womanizer. He is a lying scum bag who gave me an std. My life is ruined because I trusted him to love me and care about me the same way I do him. But he will never know the meaning of it. I am so sad and heartbroken. He always said he loved and cared for our relationship but if he did why did he feel the need to sleep with another woman. I even found out he gave a man head. I am so upset I lost the father of my child and the man I fell in love with.

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  1. He give me head and he never said he married or got kids. He must not do it much cause he keep biting me with his teeth. I have to get checked up for diseases now and he make me angry with the cheating and the biting.

  2. I am sorry that you have to literally go online trying to tarnish my reputation out of simple envy and anger at such a young age, obviously you have thought that these types of allegations are going to break me down, but you are totally mistaken. I perfectly understand that when a person starts succeeding beyond what you could ever wish for, these would be the repercussions coming from irrelevant people as yourself, nevertheless I am going to set the record straight, without lowering myself to your level and the level of the individual who’s making these false allegations, and since the internet allow many people to hide behind a computer screen under the amendment of freedom speech, I am going to be respectful but very clear and to the point.
    Everyone who knows me, knows I am not married and I have no kids.
    I am not a homosexual and if I was I would have no problems with people knowing since I am very comfortable with my sexuality.
    It is even funnier that you say “std” if you are writing this anonymously, isn’t better to actually mention what type of std? Come on, get a life.
    Now, with all due respect I will clarify that since I no longer represent an aspiring artist named Eva Carlini, after her several defamatory statements against my art gallery and myself on social platforms as facebook, instagram and google, claiming that I don’t pay any of the artists I represent, I openly invite any of you to see for yourself the type of business I run, my record speaks for itself, all my artists understand the process of an art gallery and the transparency of my procedures, I work to better and raise the bar in the arts in the City of Chicago.
    In spite of the fact that I have successfully completed her online payment out of my personal funds, the defamatory statements continued even though I am not even interested in engaging with these nonsense.

    To all of you Good Luck

    Fidel Rodriguez

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