Dorothy Ligas Krzysiak — Chicago, Illinois

If you have any plans of dating this woman Dorothy Ligas Krzysiak from Illinois beware, I am going to give you fear to warn. She was my girl I love her with all my heart I even though I was her only love boy was I wrong, In the first six months, I dated her she gave me a lifetime DRD for some dirty b***h to say she’s madly in love with me and gives me that. I Accept my consequences being with her and they are I know have 2-lifetime DRD’S my lesson is now learned watch out for who you date and make them get tested first, please. All I can say is Dorothy Ligas Krzysiak’s new job is being a complete cvm dumpster diver and she even takes being a w***e to a whole new level, The sad thing is she has been when so many guys that you could put your whole hand all the way in her p***y all I can say is wow.

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  1. Dorothy is a drd dumpster. She tells any and all dicks she loves them. Don’t get feelings for this cheating tramp, just f**k her and move on to the next c*m catching b***h. She’s got more miles on her than my old Toyota and it’s a ’95. She’s rusted out and you will definitely need new rubbers, plenty of them.

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