Destiny Danielle Semetis – Aurora, Illinois

This “woman” LOVES married/engaged men. Even though she’s got 4 kids and is still with their father, she much rather prefers sucking your man’s d*ck and trying to see if he’ll leave home (which we know any married man won’t leave home for a WH*RE). SHE IS NASTY…. She posts pictures of her a$$ with her kids CLEARLY in the background. She will get high and drink with your man and f*ck him so who knows what nasty a$$ diseases this CRACK wh*re has… And like mentioned… this whole time this s***k has a man but likes f*cking yours too while going home to hers.

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  1. Her dude need to get tested, prolably got std and drd and need shots. This sloot dont care bout nobody but her infected snapper. Destiny all over Illinois dropin her drawer for d**k w*t other womans man.

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