Dean Stutz, Chicago, Illinois

Dean Stutz is a lying cheater. Never trust him. He is a sociopath and a selfish psycho.

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  1. Dean aint no good either, he stutter and make funny noise when his moped backfire. He got a truck and girlfriend who adore him. His dog play fetch and he like barbeque clams. Thats a little weird bu each to his own. He can make ice sculptures with a hatchet and owns 2 sleds (not snowmobiles). He has 3 mirrors on the wall and one in his truck – 3 if you count side mirrors although 1 is cracked for bad luck. He’s alright but people think he tells lies. We used to work together and he liked to let people think his shoe size was bigger than an 8 1/2. We only had a one man toilet at work so I never knew if he was looking in the mirror a lot, although his hair was always combed. He eats really quick, then checks his phone for rest of the lunchbreak.
    That’s about all I know.
    I forgot, he chews bubblegum and reads the fortune when we got Chinese takeout.

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