Brien Bowers – Louis / Illinois

Brien Bowers works out at a gym called Club Fitness in Wood River and works for Phillips 66 and harasses women online. He has a wife who is a nurse and a daughter but stalks plus size women on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to verbally abuse and threaten them.

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  1. I’m a plus size man and I swear he was checking my junk out as I got out of the shower at the gym. Or else it was someone who looks a lot like him. It’s funny how someone can hate on plus sized women and work so hard to get plus-sized arm and leg development. Thats a lot of work when you can just pump enough iron to lift a remote control and a big box of donuts to achieve plus size stature. Haters be everywhere. He keeps comparing packages and I’m gonna throw a big remote at him with a donut wrapped on the end. Go look in the mirror, man.

  2. When burlyman Brien Bowers works out he works out. He coaches dumb girls in exercise routines and has met several milfs in the past month who think he’s the goofiest fitness fad going on in the St Louis area. He does two-handed pushups and uses a little stool to support his midsection, straining while trying to re-erect himself and then telling them they can do it. One little blush or tee-hee and he knows he has a chance to score. The old smelly gym pays him by the hour, minimum wage, but gives him access to all the cougars he can impress.

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