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Instead, report a homewreckers women to warn the public and prevent further infidelity. Scamfound.com is basically an blog that's been "exposing the women who choose to become involved with an involved man".

That’s the idea behind our Scamfound.com Blog.

Xiomara Pravong — Phoenix, Arizona

Xiomara Pravong isn’t just after cheaters for s*x, she likes to scam them for money. When the well runs dry, she’s off to the next old fart who wants to feel young again, she is a manipulative user who threatens exposure if she doesn’t get paid. That’s after a loan and borrowing and never spending a dime of her own money for anything. Married and cheating, that’s her type, no matter how ugly or how old, she robs them all by first offering them some tainted, well used p***y.

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