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Vanessa Coleman — Nashville, Tennessee

Vanessa Coleman is a standout amongst the most coldblooded individuals I’ve met and furthermore the least good standing I’ve at any point put time in. Lays down with numerous accomplices, and controls every one of them. I succumbed to it. I truly thought she was for genuine like I was and I wasn’t right. She a tireless medication someone who is addicted and will turn traps covertly to get her medications. We lived in Nashville, TN and she had somebody in Shelbyville, TN that I affirmed her laying down with. She’s right now living in Palm Harbor, Florida. She has numerous false names that she utilizes when she chooses to keep somebody as a “relationship” at that point she utilizes a few Facebook pages to impart, every one of them finished with picture altering and difficult to utilize hunt to discover them. She does anyway will in general keep her resemblance as near herself as could be allowed so on the off chance that she does built up another association with somebody they realize what she looks like yet utilize a totally unique name.

She changes her entire appearance and is mindful so as not to leave any indication of her utilizing cosmetics or twisting her hair, wigs, and so on that is the way I gotten her was discovering cosmetics spots by the washroom sink after we had evidently rested throughout the night. She even made it intense for the PI I employed to monitor her development. She is an extortionist in the most developed that I’ve at any point seen, and I am an extremely canny individual. She clutches the lie like it’s her salvation. Never had she conceded any wrong doing. Despite the fact that she was caught in the act on a few events. Her excite, I’m speculating, originates from the amount she can do directly in front of you before you get on, and she just gets additionally brave over the long haul. She examines your propensities and maps out methodologies as though it’s a detailed round of chess. She utilizes your characteristics against you. The more you care about her, the more use she has, she expands on it until the point when you feel that you’re actually going crazy and neurotic.

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  1. She went by Tiffany when we were together. I met her at Blakes’ new bar RED. She likes to drink a little and be silly. She came back from the restroom wearing some dudes cowboy hat and a minute later he comes up to get it while I’m still trying to ask her where she got it. He asked her to dance and she declined. But I think she gave him a little wink or something because he walked away grinning and kept looking back at her. I told her I didn’t feel well and told her to catch a ride home with her girlfriend, thinking she might be concerned. It was as if she barely heard me.

    Vanessa Coleman is one of the most heartless people I’ve met and also the lowest moral standing I’ve ever invested time in. Sleeps with multiple partners, and manipulates all of them. I fell for it. I really thought she was for real like I was and I was wrong. She a relentless drug addict and will turn tricks secretly to get her drugs. We lived in Nashville, TN and she had someone in Shelbyville, TN that I confirmed her sleeping with. She’s currently living in Palm Harbor, Florida. She has many aliases that she uses when she decides to keep someone as a “relationship” then she uses several Facebook pages to communicate, all of them very well done with picture editing and very hard to use search to find them. She does however tend to keep her likeness as close to herself as possible so if she does developed a new relationship with someone they know what she looks like but use a completely different name.

    She changes her whole appearance and is careful not to leave any sign of her using makeup or curling her hair, wigs, etc. that’s how I caught her was finding makeup spots by the bathroom sink after we had supposedly slept all night. She even made it tough for the PI I hired to keep track of her movement. She is a con artist in the most advanced that I’ve ever seen, and I am a very intelligent person. She holds onto the lie like it’s her salvation. Never had she admitted any wrong doing. Even though she was caught red handed on several occasions. Her thrill, I’m guessing, comes from how much she can do right under your nose before you catch on, and she only gets more daring as time goes on. She studies your habits and maps out strategies as if it’s an elaborate game of chess. She uses your qualities against you. The more you care about her, the more leverage she has, she builds on it until you think that you’re literally going insane and paranoid.

  2. I used to date this wanna-be country singer. She said she was looking for work and was always hitting the bars in Nashville. That’s where we met. She said she sang alot of the oldies but I couldn’t even get her to hum a few bars for me. She was always broke and just waiting for her big break, which she would tell anyone who would buy her a drink all about. Even when we were together she was always drifting all around the bar scouting for the scouts and pounding down drinks. She often times seemed like she was high on something else, but I never actually saw her doing anything in front of me.
    She would smile and act like she was with you but there was a feeling like she was insincere and rather fake about everything. Not so much ditzy as distant. It didn’t last very long with us, maybe six or seven dates over about three months time. We just stopped calling each other.

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