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Toby R Sernel + Crystal Mills Pratt Carter, Arkansas

Toby R Sernel. His wife, Kerri, divorced him and cleaned him out!!!! (You go girl!!!) She took her maiden name back, Michael. Now she should pay very close attention…. Toby is STILL S******G Crystal Pratt Mills Carter (or whatever name she’s using this week). Kerri Michael be aware Crystal speaks terrible about your daughter L. She complains on social media venues that “she’s not Toby’s priority.” She refers to L as, “his Kid.” She complains he doesn’t answer his phone or return texts when “his kid” is with him. The saddest thing …. She is absolutely grotesque compared to you!!! He dug the bottom of the barrel. She’s got a few mental health issues that she milks for attention on social media as well. She’s as manipulative as she as is evil. She must have something she’s holding over his head to keep him with her. Her games ultimately got her Toby. He was naive enough to fall for bs. Just keep an eye on her Kerri. She shouldn’t be a part of Toby’s life if he wants a good relationship with you & L post divorce.

Toby, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You are smarter than this.

Toby still lives in Little Rock AR Crystal Pratt Mills Carter (name of the day) is in Tuscola Illinois.

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