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Tiffany Lewis – Ohio

Beware ….This 40 year old woman has no conscious. She is an old washed up drug addicted stripper/ hooker who sells her self on backpage, a sexy service, and so on but claims to own a cleaning service.. Back in the day… Instead of graduating high school.. She was getting high and stealing from friends and family. Instead of getting a real job.. She was getting pregnant with children and then abandoning them.This loser owes thousands in back child support.. I guess selling her skanky P**** only paid for her fake t***… not for food for her children! This c** hole has a police record a mile long stemming back to 2009. The best thing about her is that she thinks she’s attractive an in turn takes millions of skanky naked or mostly naked pictures of herself to try and boost her own self confidence. This waste of life has hopped from town to town in Ohio ( seriously.. shes lived in just about every town)sucking off the system selling herself as a prostitute and body rub w**** and on her spare time using friends and lying and stealing her way through life. This useless human being will pretend to be your friend and sleep with your father, brother, son, husband maybe even your dog.. Because she has no morals. Rode hard and put away wet would be a classy way to describe this piece of s*** person. She will tell you she’s never been married because she refuses to be second in someone’s life and doesn’t want her man to be looking at other women… yet she’s a prostitute! She’s ruined so many families lives by sleeping with their husbands for quick untraceable cash. There is a special place in h**l for people like her.. If you encounter this waste of life… Hide anything she can steal and sell or screw. You have been warned. Truly…. you have been warned.

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