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Tifanni Madison — Las Vegas, Nevada

This girl is ugly, a bimbo, annoying, and an h0e. Her nose is so long, as is her face. Body suks even after tons of plastic surgery and she sleeps around. I think she danced with that Frenchy girl at Sapphire. She is into anyone, male or female, and sells it for real cheap online. When she speaks it’s truly a headache. You f****d the mailman but your loyal and never did me wrong? you f****d the mailman and you think I’m going to take you back you’re a cheater and you lied to me about it I had to catch you having s*x had to take off work just to hide in the house to see who u was having over and sure enough you have him over now your at your parent’s house and you wish you never did what you did cause the mailman don’t even have his own house.

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