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Tasmin Kimberly Anetts — Australia

Half an hour with half a foot of d**k is something Tasmin craves. She’s got the money for the hotel (a cheap one) or a blanket for someone with at least six inches and the time of day for her needs. Cheaters welcome, just sneak away from your wife for awhile and regret it in the morning when you’re wondering why you weren’t smart enough to use protection, why you were thinking with your little head and throwing caution to the wind for that cheap thrill. Now, you have to lie to your wife, dumbass, hope she doesn’t catch what Tasmin has, the desire for strange c**k in a cheap hotel or the park, like an exhibitionist.

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  1. Tasmin Kimberly Anetts scared the kids in the park when she flashed her boobies at their little eyes while trying to get dressed and get out of there. Get a room, Ho. Go to a clinic and stay out of the park while performing s*x acts.

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