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Tara Fletcher — Alton, Illinois

I wouldn’t advise dating this woman unless you enjoy being yelled at and physically attacked for little to no reason. She has many male friends and cheats with many of them while you’re at work trying to help her pay her bills. She has hpv and Lord only knows what else. She has s*x with black guys and would screw your best friend as well as your worst enemy. She’s a nympho, dishonest, disloyal, she will talk bad about you to everyone and use you for all your worth then toss you in the trash. She dates meth addicts and jobless losers mostly. Smokes weed, drinks every weekend, pretends to be a Christian to hide who she really is. Works at a convenience store. Her v****a stinks. She doesn’t cook or clean very well, including herself. This is a one night stand at best but use a condom. Her bipolar personality will be the first red flag, then you’ll notice she hides her phone from you, sneaks off to meet up with her guy “friends” for s*x. Then when you ask her about it, she’ll start an argument. She enjoys starting arguments that make you want to run away then after she has a few days of freedom she calls you back to use you some more. Never been married, never will be. She has no conscience, is sneaky and lies and will try to put everything past you. Even lying about what she’s, eating, wearing, sitting etc. just to throw you off. Proceed with caution. She likes to start arguments and call the police and have you put in jail even when you did nothing. I can only assume she gets her kicks ruining men’s lives. Be careful. Get in, get some, get out and far away. If you enjoy being lied to and cheated on, used and verbally and physically abused, then this is the woman for you.

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