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Susan Jackson – Rochdale, Arizona

This girl is the best lover in the world. People like Bobbie Britt are jealous of her because her house doesn’t have fruit flies all over the kitchen like hers does and he house is not a f*****g s**t tip like her. She is also a thieving little f****r is Bobbi Biritt. Well here you go, you jealous old hag. Enjoy looking at someone good looking instead of your rotten wrinkled drugged up face.

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  1. I’m a merman and Susan and I swam together in Lake Havasu. I was captured when I was a little merboy and transported to this lake. Fortunately my youth allowed me to adapt to fresh water, a death sentence for transported mermen who’ve already developed according to saltwater standards of adaptation.
    This girl is the best lover in the world. She poured her heart out to me and nature just took an unexpected comforting turn one afternoon on the sun-kissed rocks.
    She returned home soon thereafter but I will always remember her fondly. She said something smelled fishy, winked and smiled and walked away…

  2. Susan Jackson had an accidental experience recently.
    She was practicing for best lover on the planet over at Bobbies’ house and choked on a fruit fly while bobbing for skin. The severed organ did not have to be removed. It did get skinned, however. The original poster was the victim of her gag reflex and is now reconsidering his vote. He briefly thought about having a bigger appendage grafted to the injured weenie but dismissed the idea knowing Susan would know the truth. He also wasn’t convinced that she wouldn’t notice the difference in skin color. He’s now off his medication and the doctors say he’ll be able to recast his vote soon.
    That’s good news!

  3. Keep my name out of your sewer pipe you f*****g s**t, Susan Jackson from Rochdale, Arizona. Keep your dirty laundry in the basement of your house, don’t hang it in the wind trying to get someone to sympathize with your guilty conscious. All those hearts and other bullshit, you need a set of horns!

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