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Shelby Dill — Mount Olive, Alabama

Shelby Dill is an ex that doesn’t know when her time is up, especially when her ex is engaged and married. She loves to hook up with her ex’s friends, it’s more than a hobby after 3 friends… she also likes to stalk via everyone she knows social media. She obviously can’t see reality through her sqinty eyes, she is now dating my husbands supposed “best man” lol.

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  1. This girl in the market fo a man that gots a d**k that’s why she shoppin around to see if one of the dudes or one of he friends got somethin to which she can work with
    she don’t want the limp tiny ones shes done tried she wants a man size shaft to work with
    do all them friends got tiny ones like you man
    she say you tried em all before she did and found the only one with more than 5 inches and you dont even wanna share that one with her fraid she get the biggest one in town your man d**k and she seen it and aint to impressed
    you can keep him she gonna find some outta town d**k and wont share this with you

  2. I don’t know for sure if they hooked up but I guess I would say 100% yes! It’s certain. I feel sorry for the friends, I wanted to call her to tell her, but it wasn’t worth the trouble. Pass this along if you see this and know her. She was just completely insatiable, selfish, and quite the little w***e.

  3. When it comes to men, Shelby is looking for a Richard, not a D**k. Count the letters and you’ll get her drift. She’s been with a lot of guys she’s met and a lot of married guys and hasn’t found one that measures up to what will work for her. Call her what you want but she’s not settling for someone who can’t make her happy.

  4. Shelby stays inside alot, the sun is harsh with her skin. She comes out after the bar crowd swells it’s belly and gets swallowed in the midst of drunks who she can easily manipulate. She goes around trying to sell her lips for a drink and a shot at local stardom. She’s just a small town girl without a clue but alcohol makes it seems as if she’s someone memorable, like your favorite p**n star in a blooper compilation.

  5. Shelby thinks she’s a ham sandwich and all guys are starving to eat her. She’s a bug that wants to suck you dry and never let go. She’s a tick that will suck you until you pull the head off and step on it, leaving yu with a disease, that’s Shelby the d**k tick.

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