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Sara Mattingly — Prattville, Alabama

Sara Mattingly broke up my family! Not only did she start talking to my now ex fiance knowing we were together, she cheated on her almost 9 year relationship/fiance. She will not allow my son father to speak to me now. .. even when about our son! She is trying to keep this all a secret from her family but I want the world to know she is a Homewrecker!!! She broke up my family and she has hurt alot of people since. Everyone thinks she is some sweet innocent angel but she is far from it!!! Keep your man away from this one!! She is a sneaky little *****!!!

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    1. No, she knew we were living together and still together. Of course she thinks it was okay though bc “we were having problems” as she stated…. but she was engaged also to someone else. She’s a loser and so is he! They make me sick. 1 yr later and he has abandoned his child. They deserve each other. They are both scum

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