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Sara Louise Petty – Larchmont, New York

Sara Louise Petty is a wannabe photographer and you should avoid her at all costs. If you ever see her run for your life. She was doing wedding pictures job at my wedding and the deal was she would wedding pictures for my wedding for me and my husband. I busted her and my husband having s*x in my husband’s van. She cried said she was very sorry and I called the police had him and her removed from my home. I will not pay her one red cent for the f****d up job she did. She also sent me an email I will post it at the bottom of this complaint. My husband called her “photographer,” and Sara Louise Petty knows an opening when she hears one, she’s an experienced w***e. Now, all she needed to do was negotiate the financial aspect of their f*****g arrangement, how much she would be getting paid to suck and f**k my husband d**k. Sara will take whatever bone a man is willing to throw her, the b***h is hungry like that. She f***s married men and has caused several marriages to break up. The cheating men never want to be with her or marry her, she’s just a go-to b***h in heat when they want to dump a load in someone. She waits around for a late-night call when the bars are closed and a Tomcat is on the prowl for any p***y cat that’s on the loose and willing to meet up for some car s*x. Purrr, Sara available, just bite her neck and pretend you want her p***y, bring a can of Friskies.

This is the email she had sent me from saralouisepetty@saralouisepettycuba.com

I’m going to try to make this short. You agreed to pay from the beginning (as stated in our phone conversation) and you then agreed to give me payment a few days ago for my work. You told me to sent you an estimate, and I did. You saw all the pictures before hand and not once did you mention you did not like them. In fact you told me that you liked them very much. Professional or not, you chose to work with me knowing very well it was my first time doing wedding pictures. What did you expect from me? You were well aware of this. Don’t try to act like you were in the dark about anything. I can not help that your husband could not keep his d**k in his pants. I am very sorry that me and your husband had s*x. it was only one time it will never happen again. I am very sorry it happened. Don’t try to act like this is the first time you’ve seen the pictures, and if you did not like them then why carry this work on for 4 months? Whether or not you approve of them does not make it justified for you to weasel out of paying me for my hard work. In a court of law I would surely get my money.

You can either pay me respectfully for all the hard work you KNOW I put into this or you can make me go out there and get it the hard way. I cannot believe you would do this, after everything that I’ve done for you. This is the very least you could do.

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