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Sandra Joy Ness — Tucson, Arizona

This woman named Sandra Joy Ness gets around a lot more the city bus. She is so nasty she will even lay down and get gang f****d by both men and woman, She is a severe s*x addict beware and protect your p*****s and dicks. She uses fake names so her family and husband don’t know it’s her, She had the perfect fairytale married until her husband caught her with his camcorder busted you nasty a*s s***k. I feel so bad for her poor husband and kids to have to live like that. She abuses her husband day in and day out but yet still has babies with him so sad. She does not have the first clue on how to be a wife and mother, G*d should have never blessed her with a family that she does not deserve at all. This psycho needs to be stopped..

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