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Samantha Schweitzer – Yuba City, California

This is “Samantha schweitzer” she lives in Yuba City, California with her 2 kids and second baby daddy. This little girl is a liar and a thief. I’ve watched her on numerous occasions stealing from her job at Verizon wireless and meeting with random guys to f*ck them in the parking lot on her brakes 🤢. She lies and controls her kids dad and plays like she’s miss perfect while she lives her double life and destroying others. She is so disgusting, she leaves her children and man at home all the time just so she can go get high and s*ck who’s ever d!ck she wants then goes home and kisses her man and her kids like nothing happen 😠 🤢 Someone needs to expose this nasty w***e for what she is a HORRIBLE MOTHER and a HORRIBLE PERSON.

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  1. Samantha loves kids and always told her friends in high school she wanted at least six children. She’s working on it but baby daddy #2 doesn’t earn a whole lot as a landscaper and since the work is seasonal, there are months where he has to depend on unemployment and what little she makes. This is a source of tension and she’s shopping for baby daddy #3 and she hopes twins run in his family.

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