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Rachel Scroggins — Fairbanks, Alaska

This flea bag will has been sleeping with married men out at her job. She’s a trashy s**t that doesn’t care if she’s ruining kids lives or anybody else’s. If she ever speaks to your man, you can bet she’s gonna try to sleep with him. She was f*****g 4 men at one time! This acne riddled hoe cheated on her own husband and messed up her life, now she’s out to ruin everyone else’s, watch out for her!

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  1. This woman Rachel is good at giving head but always wants to kiss afterwards. It gets cold in Fairbanks, Alaska and she keeps things warm and toasty. She likes to finish and look up through skylight at northern lights and cuddle. Fine, but who wants to kiss when she just finished polishing a k**b and hasn’t brushed her teeth! Other than that, I’d say she’s cool and gets lied on by girls who don’t have any b*****s or oral skills. She’s warm and cuddly and ready first thing in the morning. I just don’t want to kiss her, sorry.

  2. Wow, four men at once! I’m trying to do the math. One in each ear, one in her a*s and one in her mouth – but where would the other one go? She knows a couple more guys who want to participate, but she only has two hands. Can you help her out? Lend her your ears? How about your mouth? C’mon, be a friend, won’t cha?

  3. This girl F***s more dudes on an entire school football team. She’s down to f**k any guy, doesn’t matter if he looks like a pimp and acts like a pimp, she’s down on her back or her knees.. Her record shows that she likes men in serious relationships. She got caught, she doesn’t give no f**k if she’s on her face or back or knees. I’ve caught her looking up with my fiance on top. She even dumb enough to know when it’s me messaging her an she ask who it is?! Drugs are bad mlittle mommy. It’s not the dope that made her the w***e, it’s her pimp. If you’re interested in a s**t on the lower east side she’s your pay to play girl! Put her on your speed dial!

  4. My nipples are freezing, will someone please blow on them and get the swelling to die down? I need to start wearing padded bras for the winter, something lined with fleece for when the cold wind blows. I need your warm breath, now.

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