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Rachel Martinez — San Antonio, Texas

SERIAL HOMEWRECKING W***E This w***e goes by LadyMetal210 and LadyMetal for her online presence. Serial family destroyer. The first idiot that I’m aware of was named Marty. Brags and laughs at how his ex-wife hates her. Got him to marry her and buy her a house before he died. Then she sunk her claws into my husband, flattering him with all sorts of attention and begging him to f****r her (thankfully he never did, proven by polygraph test). This is one desperate s**t. Openly admits to being bipolar but refuses any treatment other than smoking a s**t ton of weed. And of does she use any man she can to get the stuff for free in anyway that she can. She even smokes the stuff right in front of her granddaughter!! And yes, she will slander any woman she needs to in order to get her way (tried to convince my husband that I was the one having the affair when I called him out on it the first time). Last I heard, she had to finally get a real job working as a bartender at Fitzgerald’s bar because her daughter & son-in-law (who live with her & pay the hills) got sick her of leeching off of them once their daughter started school. This woman is a s**t through & through, her Facebook profile is full of her flirting with tons of men with her asking for a “toe-curling” good time and HEAVILY filtered pics of her to make her look younger and thinner than she is. In summary, if she’s around your man, keep your guard up. If she’s flirting with you, better ask yourself what she really wants because she’s just out to use you.

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