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Rachel Finocchiaro — Houston, Texas

Rachel Ann Finocchiaro takes pride in going after married men. She doesn’t care if she wrecks a relationship and destroys a family. I witnessed her going after a married man who just had a baby and ripped their marriage apart. She has no shame.

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  1. Down in Houston, Rachel does her rounds.
    Malls in the late morning for returning unwanted gifts from last nights favors
    Office tower lingering, while seductively sipping something and smiling at suits during peak noonday lunch hours,
    Smiling and waiting for their courage
    Coyly exchanging numbers and planning for the night ahead, the air of possibilities and favors to exchange
    Two or three hours later she’s yawning, she needs coffee and a nap for the evening and right now she’s bored with the same old routine, the same old sap story
    She’ll see two or three guys tonight, they’ll bring gifts and promise her the moon, to spoon and have a girlfriend experience
    In the morning, she’ll do it all again, how boring

  2. Rachel likes married men, they’re safe. She can dump them whenever she wants and they like to buy her gifts. She had a boyfriend once and he stopped giving her presents. He said his reasoning was that bills came first, which she didn’t understand since he always told her he put her first in everything in his life. The other thing she didn’t like is when he always went to work, leaving her to shop and watch soaps all day. She got lonely and decided she would dump him. If a guy wasn’t going to be around during the day, he could at least leave her gifts and shopping money. This is how it all started, she thinks. But, enough thinking, her soap was coming on and then she had a shopping date later in the afternoon.

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