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Petrina Harris — Bakersfield, California

She thought she was being slick, cheating with a married men, but it backfired on Petrina Harris just when his wife knew she was pregnant. She says she’s not that kind of s**t, but only because she got caught. When she was sneaking around sucking his d**k and taking back sloppy seconds for her man, this b***h was all happy face. They still sneak and follow each other on Snapchat, she’s only sorry her skanky a*s got caught, she’s hoping for more kink in the future. Maybe things will blow over and she can get her lips around him again. Old w***e keep their spots, just like sneaky Petrina. No word if he’s done or he still wants to bag her nasty p***y, again. If she has her way, he’ll be hitting it again. As soon as this lying tramp can make it happen, she will stray for the day. Filters can’t hide a lack of morals, trash is trash

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