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Patiola Funaki – Lahaina, Hawaii

Beautiful, sweet, loving, caring mother of 3 sounds like an awesome kind of person, right? For two months, this chick was like a dream, she would come over to my house screw my brains out and then go home to take care of the kids. It was an awesome arrangement and then one day she said she wanted to make it ocial on facebook and that is where the trouble started. We were good friends before we started dating, she had a boyfriend, and I wasn’t too interested in a chick with 3 kids, and at the time she had no contact with the baby daddy. She was into me and I could tell so in a moment of weakness we had s*x and continued to have s*x every day for two months. This chick is a freak-a-leak but acts like she is lile miss perfect angel. Anyways, she needed a phone and I gave her one just to nd out she was calling the baby daddy on my phone and then she wouldn’t even answer my texts or return phone calls. So because the baby daddy got triggered by seeing us on facebook which in hindsight was her grand plan. Shortly after she started talking with the baby daddy again she started being a total b**** to me like all the time. Acting like I was a nuisance and didn’t maer and completely ignored me. She also got a job right next to me and would smirk at me as she drove in everyday. This chick is a cancer and it ing because she infects you and kills your spirit, your drive, and even your passion for life. No p**** is worth the amount of pain and misery and self doubt this chick has caused me. She got me so crazy that she actually called the cops on me and tried to get me arrested. I sit here shaking thinking about how bad I wanted to hurt this chick. She sucks. Hard. She is a fake, a liar, a user, a manipulator, and I think she may even be a witch.

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