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Paige Warren — Tucson, Arizona

Paige Warren is one of Tucson’s grimiest woman ever. She is such a nasty b***h who gave up her husband and their baby daughter up for heroin what a gem she is. She visits every trap house she can, she has no job and spends her days getting f****d in her mouth and her p***y and a*s how sick. This crazy woman likes to play house but the truth is the only thing she cares about doing is her makeup in piles of dog s**t sorry but you can’t get pretty that way. This nutty girl will even force your d**k down her throat and have you feel whipped. This B***h can’t hold down a job because she is to busy f*****g all the men all over town, but the truth is she can’t even give a blow-job right it will be all over her face what a waste of c*m. Smoking dope and sucking d**k is more important to her than having a family!

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  1. Cool! She still has the tongue ring she earned for nearly an hour of analingus she did on that teacher. I couldn’t believe she really did it but she wanted that ring bad. I wonder how many a******s it’s been in since she got it over a year ago? She’s my freakiest friend.!

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