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Paige Warren — Tucson, Arizona

This is tucsons grimiest of the grime however she passes by Paige Warren. u will see her at some of tucson’s neighborhood trap houses. she lost her little girl + child daddy to heroin. she presently goes through her days getting fukked and jizzed on like the sloot sack she is. she gets a kick out of the chance to play the unfortunate casualty card, that is her definitive sexual enhancer. she’ll make you feel so sad for her. at that point u give her the littlest measure of consideration she’ll toss ur d**k down her throat and get ya whipped. She like to play housewife to any trick that comes her direction. for what reason be a mother to your very own girl when ur sluggish a$$ can lay back, get fukked and be useless bit of sheet. she goes through her days simply doing her cosmetics in a heap of junk with pooch p**s and sheeit all over, sucking d**k and smoking dope. When u see her demonstrate her j**z hardened face in ur house simply know she’s lurking here and there for her kind of the month PLUS all the homies! She won’t stop till she fukks the entire house 1 by 1! she can’t hold down a vocation so she fukks for medications n cash at that point will pivot and state you assaulted her.. Watch out Tucson! This b***h a genuine victor and she give sh1tty head as well. SWERVE!

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