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Nicole Murphy — Rosedale, Mississippi

She’s a crack head child molester who will rob you plan and simple. She is a cheater and liar

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  1. Save me the push i’ll stop and get a rubber and a 40-ounce and a bag of cheetos for the after party. we put our ends together and get another bump.

  2. This woman is a professional sign holder for stores that are going out of business and she hasn’t worked since myspace was folding and she stood in Kendall Square for 3-days in a row not realizing her sign was obscured by a box truck which was illegally parked. A ticket and a boot.

  3. Nicole likes the pipes an will play all day and all night if you got the rocks or money to buy the rocks. Don’t give her the money to cop, you’ll never see her or your money again. She a dirty w***e and don’t wash her coochie.

  4. when she come round the way without the kids and her hair put up she be trickin for some chicken. nicole a good girl that done gone bad, used to sing in the quire and take care of her babies. now she just suck d**k for the stem and pipe.

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