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Nichol Kessinger — Denver, Colorado

Nichol Kessinger likes to stand out and get all the attention, she makes men grow in the dark. The only problem is when they go back to their ex and she thinks they’re her man just because she f****d them a couple of times when they were having a problem in their relationship. Not every dude wants to wake up and kiss those lips just because he shot his load on her when he was lonely and looking for a cheap date on a Friday night. Reality is sobering and she won’t let go of the night before or the week before. Bye b***h, get over it, stop f*****g blowing my phone up. Your ugly s**t don’t turn you on and they know it, they resort to sending nudes and hoping you will give my wife a break and f**k with them. That’s what ugly Nichol Kessinger did, and it worked for a minute, she got her a little d**k on the side, gave her vibrator a break. She wasn’t finding any takers until she started sending the nudes and it was like a light bulb went off in her head, why hadn’t she thought of that before. Note to slutty self: it worked, keep that in mind for future f**k buddies who just so happen to be inconveniently married to someone else and may have children! It’s all good if you get desperate enough to take off your clothes to attract a married man. it’s rather ugly if you are the victim by association, that is married to the cheating b*****d while Nichol is currently f*****g him. It’s even more ugly if you’re the funky b***h who initiated everything by stripping and sending him all those nasty pictures of your yeasty fruit cup. Wash your nasty a*s hole you still had brown s**t you did not wipe your a*s good. Clean your p***y it doesn’t need to smell like farmers fish

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