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Misty Lynn Smith – Arkansas

Beware of this women. She is a manipulating, liar, narcissistic women. She befriends you and pretends to be sweet and have morals to gain your trust. It’s all just an act, she is known to jump at any chance to put others down to make herself look and feel better. She has ripped her family apart for her own selfish decisions and her children have to deal with her poor judgement. She lives this so called happy life but in reality she is a terrible person who uses the internet to hurt and put down others who have put her in her place.

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  1. her diddy didnt want her and it will take rest of her life to git over the hurt from that sad truth he donated his s***k an she didnt kno him til she wuz 18 and got the court records them babbies gonna have the same prolemb she caint remember they names hardly it make her happy to put peeples down an she can look smarter thata ways

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