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Melina Nguyen – Scottsdale, Arizona

Melina Nguyen of the Delta Zeta sorority is gotta b one of the biggest hos in ASU slash Arizona history. Has slept with dozens of different frat boys and sorority girls. She swings both ways and strips in different clubs in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe and even is a sugar baby. She’s recently fired from Le Girls because she spit in a customer’s face when he didn’t give her enough money. This girl like to drink, snort pepsi and watch trash tv like those shows where underage school girls get pregnant, maury povich and kardashians. She thinks Kendyl Jenner is a role model to look up too. This girl majors in business management at ASU but the only business magment she willing to do is pole cleaning if u know what I mean wink wink. D**n this girl is the most trailer trash Asian chick I ever met and no I aint even tryin to stereotype. She needs to stop messing with married men or guys in relationships. Ima gay dude. My boyfriend is bisexual and my boyfriend went to one of the strip joints she works at. He ended up taking her back to our apartment and I caught them in the bed I bought us at matress firm with MY money. She said to me she don’t care she just wants to makes the money and good times. Well karma always comes back to haught u Melina I hope u enjoy explaining why u on the dirty. Wait a minute what am I saying u weren’t even planning on doing job interviews. Just go in there unbutton his pants and sucky sucky ten dolla holla holla! Well I guess now everyone else and youre boss knows u a ho now Melina everybody…

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  1. Le Girls in Scottsdale, Arizona had to fire Melina Nguyen for spitting in a customers’ drink and telling him it was girl c*m. He laughed when she said that but didn’t trust her to be truthful about having a vag infection. He told the owner and they got the bouncer and confronted her. She spit in the customers face and called him a liar. She got tossed out the side door and busted a heel off her shoe. She’s stupid as f**k but left walking before they called the police. No charges got filed and customer was happy with free drinks for the evening and two return passes.

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