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Mayra Galvan — Tucson, Arizona

Dirt b***h left her nasty a*5 thong in my brothers truck LMAO. This dirty b***h leaves her daughter wherever she can to go take slore a*5 pictures with her no a*5 boobless broke a*5

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  1. Lots of girls sell they nasty thongs on ebay these days.
    If I had a place to keep all those dirty thongs and thought the smell wouldn’t cause my business to suffer, I’d entertain the thought of opening a new line called SlightlyUsed.
    If anyone is thinking along these lines, hit me up. Especially if you have good crowdfunding skills or a trust fund in your control.
    Thanks for reading

  2. Mayra Galvan loves trucks. As a little girl, she never wanted dolls for special occasions, just trucks like her older brother. These days she models for Truckin Around in Tucson, Arizona. This isn’t full time and she suspects the owners son and the owner himself fantasize about her. She doesn’t quit because the money is easy and she gets free decals for her two trucks. Lately however, she’s thinking of getting a b**b job and is wondering if she can do some private modeling to raise the money. Her kid eats a lot too. Money is tight and she thinks it would be good to come up with a plan before her looks start to fade. The time is now, she’s gonna keep on truckin and go private.

  3. This aint no joke. The girl got super glued and is stuck by her skanky a*s to this nice truck that got washed to be sold. The new owner said no deal he aint fruckin around get her off his bed or no deal. Her little brothers friend ran home already and she knows he did it the little basterd is always f****n with her. He hollered back when she told him to come back and threatened to beat his a*s – he said f**k you b***h I didn’t do it, while you get off your a*s and make me !?

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