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Marissa Valencia — Kansas, Missouri

She fuked every single one of my friends. Would date other men and cheat on them with me. Shes cheating on the guy shes with now and hes clueless. Shes definitely the definition of ‘the dirty’. Anyone who f**s with this woman.RUN. She lied and got me a felony charge and it cost me $5,000. Then she admitted she was lying the entire fuking time.

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  1. Dude, you had no friends to start with if their all sleeping with your w***e. Did you drop something on your head ? You sound stupid and f*****g pathetic. Grow a pair and start looking past the empty smile she was giving you. You were a dumbass to be manipulated, I’m surprised she didn’t hit you up for cost of fake t**s, unless you work for minimum wage like her brother. You might want to look into a career with the military, they’ll make a man out of you and send you somewhere where you can get your anger out with a real gun.

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