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Madi Elkins — Piggott, Arkansas

She cheated on me with my own father, She let my father go down on her and let him put his nut inside her. This w***e is the worst that i have ever dated in my life. She thinks that all her exes get so upset as she was such a good catch. She’s got to be joking!!! in debt, baggage kids, abusive, plus mental instability, a catch right. No.. maybe it was all the abuse she doled out & just discarded the person after all the abuse they put up with., to try & help her. She’s just too self centred to see that! A true piece of s**t!! Each of her exes are so much happier now she is out of their life!! Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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  1. Is she that much of a s**t, to where she’d put out to your father? EW! Your father is just as much to blame for not keeping his dirty donger in his pants. If he nutted up inside her, then he wanted to get her pregnant. Old men like knocking up much younger women. It makes them feel like a man! Maybe your father promised her some money if she shared her worn out, stinky crotch to him. Or maybe he offered to buy her kids a Happy Meal. 😆 She’s trash! You’re better off without her. Next time you get a girlfriend, don’t bring her anywhere near your perverted old father!

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