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Lori Henshall — Vancouver, Canada

Most girls, like Lori Henshall , want to find a man who can take care of them so they can sit at home and watch soaps and snack and let the maid in twice a week, cheat on dummy while he’s at work, etc. She thinks she’s found just that sucker and she stalks him day and night. She has a few girlfriends who will have to get stabbed in the back but, C est la vie, everything has it’s price. She wants an easy life and a Kardashian a*s, which is twice as big as normal, she’s willing to work twice as hard, she’s snacking on cake and ice cream, seconds.

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  1. This sloot, Lori Henshall has slept with a man for every cosmetic procedure she’s ever had done. One for her lips and another one for the rework that had to be done when she busted the stitches open by sucking too hard on a c**k before she was okayed by the doctor. Her t**s were paid for by a married cheater she was f*****g and the a*s implants by another d**k who was getting regular b******s for his contribution to her looking like a total w***e.

  2. Yeah but can she suck her own t*****s? That will get some sucker to ppay for an extra lap dance and she might even get him to sign up for the old happy ending.

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