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Lizz Holmes — New York

Lizz is an extremely chemically unstable, violent, alcoholic. She is the daughter of semi-famous, quite rich, hotelier Colgate Holmes of the Ritz-Carlton Hotels. She can be very loving and extremely sexual. In fact the danger is that the s*x is beyond p**n level fantastic. The problem is that she is a nasty hallucanating drunk with sveral other chemical imbalances, a history of violent relationships, stays in mental institutions, and is so frightened by the mere idea of police or medical personell that she will make up almost anything to ensure that she is not arrested or commited. She will have you arrested, accused of rape, then come and bail you out in tears swearing that she never told anyone any such story, and beg you to come home with her where she will treat you to the most incredible s*x you ever dreamed of. Then she will throw a television at you chase you around with a knife, make copies of your keys, threaten to jump off the roof, beat you to a b****y pulp and have you arrested again.Shell never show up on court because she is incapable of leaving her apartment,( she has booze delivered in quantity) she will detroy you and all your friendships, your realtionship with your family. She will bash her own face in with with a brass lamp so she can tell your friends family and police that you broke her nose. Then she will cry and beg you to let her deep thraot you and do her in the a*s and e*******e all over her face. Then she will throw furniture at you and have you arrested again. BEWARE !! This is all true! If you dont belive me then …go ahead and date her,,,then 6 months later meet me for a drink and you can cry on my shoulder about how many nights you spent in central booking and how many times you had to appear in court accused of things that make you want to vomit.

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