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Lindsey Mastis – Washington D C, United States of America

I live in the DMV, (DC, Maryland, and NOVA (Northern Virginia), and one of the most popular newsanchors in the area is Lindsey Mastis. She works for WJLA 7, the ABC affiliate for DC. She usually does the weekdays. Although, she is very hot and attractive, and Greek, from what I’ve heard and seen, she is a very overrated person. She sometimes sounds very annoying when she talks. It is confirmed that she gave BJ’s in order to get the job there. She hits on everybody there. She even is having a secret three way lesbian relationship with fellow anchors Alison Starling and Michelle Marsh. This woman claims to be from St. Louis, MO, but that’s a lie too. She is really from Chicago, IL and was raised in the Greektown Neighborhood and was a severe drug addict and dealer there. She was a stone cold racist. My man Nico out of Chicago says he went to school with her and she used to say the N-Word like no tomorrow. She was even charged with assault for hitting three Black women with a crowbar when they entered a Greek restaurant there. She was said hateful comments about Hispanics and one told a person of Mexican descent “S-Word (the derogatory Latino word) go home” and Jewish people as well. She made Holocaust Denial statements on several occasions. She can seen all over DC at places like the Camelot, Echostage bumming people for drugs. I even heard that she throws parties at her house for underage kids and has s*x with them and supplies alcohol and drugs. She said once that she wishes she could have smoked crack with the late DC Mayor Marion Barry. She admitted that she only married her husband for his money. She think she is the hottest anchor ever, though her cookie probably stinks to high heaven. She brags that she her menstrual blood in her pasta when she makes it. This woman is nasty, but yet she is allowed to be an newsanchor in DC. WLJA needs to investigate her, as it also rumored that she hides drugs in the studio. It’s about time someone exposed this woman. She need to go.

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  1. I saw her skip lunch and do a quicckie in some dudes car. The windows were slightly tinted but you can see her head go up and down through the windshield. She thinks no one knows but 2 other people saw the same thing I did. Get a room already.

  2. Is she still on the air? I heard she got fired from the last station for sucking her boss and getting caught, he had to let her skills go on to the next station. She had skills and will be missed.

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