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Lindsey Frohnapfel — Atlanta, Georgia

This sick a*s floozy Lindsey Frohnapfel is a wild and sick c**t. Lindsey Frohnapfel is 38 cheating a*s w***e who had to move to the Kansas City area because she cheated on her husband and he put her b***h a*s out and now he is her ex, He got smart and divorced her nasty A*s yay. She lies about her age saying she’s 28 and says she runs a Cosmetology school, HA HA yeah right keep dreaming c**t. she is on literally every dating site Tinder, POF, Bumble. The semi-pro basketball teams o basketball teams even ran trains on this c**t wow she gets around and then some. Beware of this cheater from h**l because she is a big mistake that just won’t go away.

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  1. She looks 48 and is starting to look extremely used up. She runs for trains and likes to take on the team as the only cheating s**t on the floor and get used and abused. It makes her feel useful and wanted until the last load is shot and the team leaves her like a nasty doormat.

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