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Lauriel Macho — Tempe, Arizona

This girl thinks she’s hot but is really druggie club rat scum. She fools everyone at first but sooner or later you see shes your average trash bag. She f**s dudes for free s**t sells it and doesnt give a f*k who shags her lose pu55y with out a condom. average to decent looking but her standards are low as f*k. If you associate yourself with this girl it says a lot about you. Save your reputation and stay away.

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  1. Good thing you saved your reputation, dude, and warned others to do the same. Didn’t you notice her Adams’ Apple and that husky voice? Don’t feel bad, she fooled lots of those guys, even Maury himself, that day she was on his show. Those implants, while costly, don’t look bad. There’s crowdfunding and then there’s bar-crowd funding. Some things you just can’t wait for and those fun-bags have been planned and budgeted for since she was 14 and just knowing she had to make the change. The boys helped make her dream come true, and you did your part, too. Thanks, dude.

  2. I didn’t ruin my reputation by s******g Lauriel, I just didn’t tell anyone about it. She shags lots of guys, and girls, from ASU, everyone knows that and that’s why she’s so popular. Just use a double wrapper and hit it quick. Then move on, don’t complain and stress the line out, keep it moving…it’s a party.

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