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Lauren Rice — San Jose, California

My name is Renne Hom, I am a victim with this needy and greedy woman that has sleeping with my soon to be husband, Lauren Rice can’t get enough married c***s. She is one of the worst deadbeats in the world. She gets the men but can’t keep them around for long. She had stolen my man “Andre Jae Canepa” from me and i loved him. All guys sample her and go back to their wives. They’ve seen the photos and they’ve seen her hanging b*****s and her dirty a*s and wonder how they got mixed up. It’s a surprise that happens the with magic filters she uses, wham, fooled another one! Chubby, saggy and old, Lauren is always saying goodbye. Hello, new guy, surprise! It’s me, and I need some groceries and money, wanna trade for some p***y?

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