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Krissy Snow Medina — Florida

Always plays the victim. She’s so innocent and right with G*d that she targets men whom are not single, befriends their wives/girlfriend’s then slowly inserts herself into their home and lives while surreptitiously driving a wedge between them. She’s the female embodiment of a friend zoned fukboy. Always feeling the grass is greener on the other side and no ability to attract her own men. She becomes the shoulder to cry on while them men have no idea that she caused the rift in their relationship in the first place. Once the men become emotionally trusting of her and independently going to her to talk about their problems, she then begins to spoil them. Blowing up their ego and offering wife level services like cooking for them, buying them gifts, buying them lots of drinks until one day their ego is hurt from their stressed relationship, that they think this viper is an escape. However once men mess up one time and she gets ahold of them she will become critically obsessed, scaring the men that their indiscretions will be exposed if they don’t keep up with her growing infatuation to them. They begin a secret second relationship to keep her appeased so she doesn’t tell their wives/girlfriend’s until they can find an excuse to drift apart naturally and not raise her jealous fury. She self proclaims herself as terrifying to men and sees other women as competition to conquer and take everything from. From a deep pit of self hatred, she projects all her insecurities from failed relationships onto innocent women and weak men to prove it was never about her not being enough for her exes. Men call her “just a friend”, “one if the guys”, but they’re naive and if she’s a friend to them, best believe she’s trying to fulfill her sickness through them and devour their life to feel whole again. In at least one instance she filmed her victory and keeps it with others (I’ve witnessed only screen caps of the rest) in a Dropbox folder so when she’s feeling threatened by other women being smarter, funnier, or more attractive than her she can watch through it again and again and feel very powerful. She’s now committing to a path of surgeries to gain more and more access to visually swayed men, but don’t let her generally meek appearance fool you. She’s a deeply miserable and manipulative individual whose managed to sway even the g*d fearing male.

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