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Kim Thompson — Tucson, Arizona

Kim Thompson will play like she’s your friend and the whole time she is f*****g your man behind your back and she is a big-time thief for Her Meth, All the while supposed to be at home being a mother to her children, And she is calling herself a christen but she is by far no christen. She is pure evil and only cares about herself and her needs, She doesn’t even care about her on children so truly sad.

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  1. Kim is the friendliest homewrecking s**t you ever want to meet. She not only f***s old girls man, she’s nice to his girlfriend too. Offers her a mint as she takes one for herself to hide the dickbreath. She just sucked off dude less than 45-minutes ago and her p***y tells her to be nice, she wants to get f****d later.

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