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Kiersten Johnson — Los Angeles, California

Kiersten Leigh Johnson is one of the most disturbed women that I have ever had the displeasure of “dating”. Reasons being: Kiersten comes off in the beginning as being a sweet, and caring, person, but do not let this facade fool you. Inside she is a vengeful, spiteful, and vindictive person. I met Kiersten on a dating site and from the beginning I told her that I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship at the time. She was ok with that or at least that’s what she said. I never introduced her to friends or went out on dates with her, the relationship was strictly physical. Things started to get strange about a month into the “relationship”. She wanted me to refer to her as my girlfriend instead of referring to her by name and if I was on the phone and said ”Kiersten was over, she would get very upset. She became very obsessive, if I was on the phone texting a friend or reading an e-mail, she would insist that I was on online dating sites looking for dates. Even though I was open to seeing other women when I knew her, I was only seeing her during the short time that we were together. She then became paranoid, one day she had a flat tire and she said that the “other women” I was dating slashed her tire. She threatened to have me arrested for no reason and constantly told me that she was going to make a phone call and have me committed to a mental institution just because I no longer wanted to see her. In conclusion: I would not consider having a serious relationship with Kiersten. If you wanted something just physical I would simply say don’t let her get to close to where she could become a threat to your livelihood or wellbeing, and if at all possible, don’t let her know where you live. On a positive note, Kiersten is good in bed, loves a**l s*x, will most likely sleep with you on the first date, and is open to just about anything sexually, but even that might not be enough to pursue anything with this woman. You’ve been warned. Good luck gentlemen.

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