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Katie Paine — Durham, New Hampshire

This is a man-meat thief who will f**k a man just to give him HIV and steal another woman’s fun. She knew he was married and expecting another child when she moved in for the thrill of getting some married c**k. Katie Delahaye Paine of Paine Publishing is HIV positive and fails to disclose this to partners. She has promiscuous s*x in her New Hampshire home, bringing unsuspecting females from around the Durham area into her house and getting them drunk and drugged on opiates. You will know if Katie’s f*****g your husband because she will immediately update her Facebook page to let the world know she’s getting some d**k. She likes to taunt and stalk wives and girlfriends if she steals their meat. The guys don’t stick around for long and she is always updating her status as a sexy woman with a new girl’s man. KD Paine is well-known in the Durham area as a racist and rapist. Stay away from her as far as possible!

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