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Katie Fierros — Scottsdale, Arizona

This b***h is a w***e and a c**t who poses for Victora Secret When doing this her real name is Katie Fierros but doing her thing and frauds her stage name is Veronica Ventura watch out for this b***h. She is a druggie and a fraud trust her at your own risk. If I was you I wouldn’t trust her with anything. She is evil in every sense of the word, She is also very vicious and demanding. She will even hook her own kids for money and drugs and her pills. This b***h is so low that she even has her kids perform is nude videos how low this b***h is. She even drugs her kids so guys can f**k them with no problems, What kind of mom is that.

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  1. This ho had the lips done oversized, the t**s done gigantic and, is currently saving her money to get the floppy p***y lips tightened up for her sugar uncles who like something tight.. It might not happen anytime soon, she keeps dipping into her boyfriends bank account to buy more pills and her s*x-business partners are losing interest.

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